Cono Sur People


Gustavo Amenábar / Agricultural Director


The Cono Sur experience… has been full of passion. It has been amazing to be able to grow professionally in a great company, create and design the new estates, select the best soils, varieties and zones for our vineyards. Feeling the tremendous support of our team, and the union between the agricultural and winemaking philosophy, is very enriching.  These four and a half years have gone so fast… it’s has been so much fun and gratifying to see everything that has been done in all this time. When I joined Cono Sur we were the fifth bottled wine exporter in Chile, and today we are the second. It’s amazing.

I’ve been working at Cono Sur since… June 2004. When I joined this company there were huge challenges, all of which have been materializing and consolidating with time. Today, we have noticeably grown in land and in planted hectares; we have enlarged our environmental commitment, managing a wide array of hectares with our organic system and with our sustainable agricultural practices.

My job consists of… setting technical agricultural guidelines. These are guidelines in everything that gets done in our lands, like pruning, tie ups, etc. With all of this we aim to achieve high quality grapes, in order to produce balanced wines in nose and mouth.
I’ve also been searching for new territories in different zones. This has set our agricultural goals for some time now.

Over this time, I’ve specially enjoyed…
working with this great professional team. There’s an amazing working atmosphere, of comradeship, commitment with quality, of great projects and challenges.

My all time favourite Cono Sur wine is… 20 Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon and Reserva Viognier.

Because… it’s a very complex wine, intense and elegant, with a perfect combination between fruit and wood, balanced in mouth and nose, round, strong but friendly. Simply spectacular.

And would love to drink it… with friends and family, next to red meats – oven cooked or barbecued – with sautéed mushrooms, or creamed sweet corn and some good salads. 

A little about myself…
I am an agronomic engineer, but I like to define myself as a winegrower. I’m 43, been married for 14 years with a wonderful woman, and have 3 boys of 13, 9 and 6.

When I’m not working I enjoy…
barbecuing with my friends and family and of course with the company of great wines.  I also enjoy biking and kayaking with my wife and kids.