Cono Sur People


Alejandra Lapostol: Management Control Analyst


The Cono Sur experience… Has been extraordinary! I get up every morning thrilled because I have to go to work… Honestly! I enjoy being with my friends at the office, and with the people from both agricultural and winemaking teams. I also love the combination of working some days at our offices in Santiago, and some days in Chimbarongo, at our Santa Elisa Estate. This is a place I can really relate to, maybe because I’m an agronomist and need that permanent contact with nature, and there’s no better place than this precious estate.

I’ve been working in Cono Sur since… September 1st 2008, or actually since a few days before that, when I used to come and wander about in the offices introducing myself to my future co-workers!

My job consists of… I am Management and Control Analyst. Among my responsibilities I have to supervise both areas’ financial aspects, present monthly management reports, help with our purchase programme, maintain the agricultural area’s SAP system… To sum up, I have to coordinate the successful functioning of both areas. I have also become very involved in Cono Sur’s Sustainable Development Department, helping from a technical point of view on the different projects we are currently implementing, and on those we plan to in the near future.

During this time I have specially enjoyed… The incredible relationship we have built with the rest of the Cono Sur team.  The work atmosphere in this company is absolutely unique, as there’s permanently happiness and companionship, together with professionalism and friendship. Coming to work is definitely a joyful experience! I also have to work directly with areas that are not in Santiago, which is incredible. My frequent visits to Chimbarongo, where I have to work with agronomists and winemakers, are very entertaining, productive, gratifying and relaxing. I feel that during this time we have formed a great friendship.

My favourite Cono Sur is… I have many. I like whites in general, though if I had to chose, it would have to be either Cono Sur Viognier or Cono Sur Sparkling. I LOVE THEM!
Because… Cono Sur Sparkling is bubbly, fresh, joyful, intense, explosive and strong… Just like me!

And I love drinking it… Always with good company, with family and friends in a special or unique occasion.  It’s a symbol of celebration, as it represents happiness and joy. It’s a fresh, intense and modern wine with character. Exquisite!

A Little bit more about me… I am an agronomist, I’m 30 years old and I have a wonderful 9-year-old daughter, who is my life! I’m a very sensitive, joyful and sociable person! I love spending time with my family and friends, being with them as much as I can, and chatting, chatting, chatting… And hopefully laughing a lot and having a great time! I really like challenges and looking for the best way to carry them out, as I am demanding of myself. I enjoy things passionately, as I am an intense person, always looking for the best way to express all the joy in me.

Bonus Track Questions

Has the fact that you’re part of Cono Sur’s Sustainable Development Department changed your life in any way?
Yes, of course. Working with environmental policies makes you more conscious about little things that can change the environment, things that are very easy to perform and that will stay with you as a part of your life. All this has been mainly influenced by the idea of what type of world I’ll be delivering my daughter. She has also begun to be conscious, and that’s very rewarding and enriching. In fact, when we brush our teeth in the mornings, she only allows me to open the tab when I really need it!

Are there any plans in this new area that particularly excite you?
The implementation of ISO 14.064 norm got me very excited, as I think it’s an important change in the way of thinking of all the people who work here at Cono Sur. It’s a new way of relating to the carbon footprint issue, and all the improvements that we can accomplish at the vineyard and for the environment. It’s a big challenge and I’m happy to be able to participate in its development.

How do you visualize in the short term the growth of the Sustainable Development Department?
I think it’s going to be EXPLOSIVE! I believe this department was created at the right moment. There are a lot of plans and ideas concerning this issue, and I think the benefits of being at the forefront of this subject are going to be more obvious day by day.

For Cono Sur, environmental and social issues are very important and therefore, I think this area is going to enhance the eco friendly spirit that we have as a compan even morey. Besides, the fact that people will see us absolutely convinced that what we are doing makes us happy, and that we are doing it well, is going to help promote a change of attitude and way of life of all those around us.