Cono Sur People


Cristián Toro, Products Development Manager


The Cono Sur experience… Amazing! It’s such a pleasure to work in this company. Since we are a small team, we have a great work environment. We are very close and we make some time not only to spend some time when we are working, but also after office.

I’ve been working in Cono Sur since… December 3rd, 2007.

My job consists of… I’m the Products Development Manager and I’m in charge of all the packaging we use for the Cono Sur wines. Basically, I make the ideas that come from the Marketing Department a reality. So I’m kind of a link between Marketing and the rest of the operational areas of the company. Once Marketing creates a new product, I have to start developing it and make it suitable to be produced in the press; and if it’s not, I have to look for ways to make it so. Additionally, I have to be sure that the products follow the international rules of each of our markets. Felipe Marfil and Rodrigo Cerda work with me on this.
During this time I have specially enjoyed… the work environment. People here are very nice and we make a great team. This is what has allowed me to grow professionally, since I’ve been able to learn new things from everyone.

My favourite Cono Sur is… The Reserva Riesling 2008.

Because… It’s fresh, soft and fruity, perfect for summer time.

And I love drinking it… With my wife and a group of friends, as an aperitif or with sushi, one of my favourite foods!

A Little bit more about me… I’m 31 years old, I’ve been married for 3 years – a few days ago I became a father for the first time. I’m a Commercial Engenieer and since I left university I’ve only worked for vineyards, and I hope to keep it that way.

When I’m not working I enjoy…
Spending time in my apartment. I love being at home, watching sports, movies, inviting friends and being with my wife. I also love trekking and camping with my wife and friends at the weekends. Now that she’s pregnant, I haven’t been able to do this as often as I used to, but I’m going do it again next year.

Bonus track questions

What kind of improvements is Cono Sur doing for the products that are launched nowadays?

A lot! We are working to create eco friendly packaging. Cono Sur has always been a leader in this area, so now we are trying to improve even more. We started using lightweight bottles (15% lighter) for some of our entry level products, in order to reduce CO2 emissions produced during the shipping. We are also launching a more eco friendly packaging for our Organic wine. In addition to the lightweight bottle, we are using recycled paper for the labels.

Where do you think the wine industry is going in terms of image and packaging?
I think in terms of packaging in the wine industry there is a huge amount of possibilities. I’ve even seen canned wine in some parts of the world. Something relatively new is the screw cap for Premium wines. They started being used mainly for white wines, because of its qualities as a closure, but it quickly started to be used for red wines because they are very practical. Nowadays, there are some markets (like United Kingdom, for example) that use this kind of seal for most of its wines, while in Chile it is still seen as a negative element. This has changed during the last years, but there’s still a lot to do in that respect.

There are some other cases, like the Bag in Box in Scandinavia, where thin kind of presentation represents 60% of sales, even more than the bottles. It’s a very respected and used format because it is cheap, it has different pack sizes (2, 3 and 5 lts.), and it’s an excellent barrier protection against light and oxygen, maintaing the wine’s quality for a longer period. It’s very common to see in Scandinavia Premium wines in a Bag in Box. This system was used in Chile a while ago, but an alternative to Tetra Pak, therefore its image is a little bit negative.

I think those are the good aspects about the packaging in this industry: since you can be constantly innovating, I always have new things to create and do and nothing becomes routine.