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Press Release regarding the earthquake of February 27th

Dear friends and customers,

It is with a deep sorrow that I send this letter communicating what is the situation after the strong earthquake that hit Chile, last February the 27th.
As you have seen in the international press, in the early hours of that day, Chile suffered an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale that impacted most of the country followed by a tsunami that hit our Pacific coast. The central area of Chile is the most affected in terms of the damage caused.

The resultant destruction and the magnitude of the losses of these two incidents have meant that this is one of the worst earthquakes in modern world history. The consequences to date have been the loss of more than 700 lives, hundreds of missing people and massive damage to the country’s infrastructure affecting transport, communications and basic services. As a result of this, the Chilean government has implemented a state of emergency for the areas of Maule and Bio-Bio.

The area with the largest impact is the heartland of wine production. Our company, as well as the rest of the industry, has been also impacted by this catastrophe.

With the information to which we have access at this moment, there are fortunately no personal tragedies amongst our employees and their families. However, we have already been able to assess damages to some of our wineries located in the worst affected areas. This would include losses in wine and production capacity. A more detailed assessment of the exact magnitude of these damages is currently being completed and we will come back to you, as soon as we get this information.

Faced with this event of force majeure, Viña Cono Sur has had to temporarily suspend all of its logistic and production operations for at least one week. All our efforts and Cono Sur people are fully dedicated with regard to assessing the scope of this unprecedented event and resuming normal operations, as soon as possible.
We are deeply grateful to all our customers and friends for their messages of solidarity and concern. We trust to have your understanding for the challenges that this event might cause in terms of future operations, but we are certain that with your support and Cono Sur spirit we will overcome these difficult circumstances, in a very short term.


Adolfo Hurtado
General Manager
Viña Cono Sur S. A.

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