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Cono Sur Winery receives CEMARS™ certification, based in the ISO 14.064-1…

Leader in environmental management

Cono Sur Winery receives CEMARS™ certification, based in the ISO 14.064-1, becoming a pioneer in sustainability

Cono Sur became the first winery in America and third in the world to be certified ISO 14064-1 through the CEMARS certification, positioning itself as a leader in environmental care.

From hands of the ambassador of New Zealand in Chile, Mrs. Rosemary Paterson, Cono Sur Winery received the ISO 14.064-1 certification, granted by the New Zealand company carboNZero, through the Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS), a program of international prestige that validates the actions taken by the organizations in sustainability matters. In specific terms, it recognizes the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions measurement, the company’s responsibility in carbon emissions, and also the execution of effective plans of GHG reduction.

Regarding this new goal made by Cono Sur Winery in environmental issues, Alejandra Lapostol, Agriculture Engineer in charge of the company’s Sustainable Development Committee, added: “This is a recognition that entails a great deal of responsibilities, and also aims to serve as an example of how to find concrete solutions to improve the current state of environmental matters. All of this, with the idea of communicating them through truthful ways and to make them internationally recognized.”

Mike Tournier, carboNZero’s Business Manager, emphasized that "today, key export markets demand greenhouse gases certifications that are solid and truthful. Cono Sur Winery, as a leader company, is setting an example and demonstrating to Chilean exporters such leadership by achieving certification CEMARS, which is automatically recognized in the top 50 export markets. "

With this achievement, Cono Sur Winery becomes the first company in Chile to measure its entire carbon footprint backed by an internationally recognized certification.

In addition, in the first national ranking of the best prepared companies to tackle climate change, made by Fundación Chile, Cono Sur Winery was ranked in 11th place, out of 101 companies considered as proactive regarding environmental issues.

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