Cono Sur People


Patricio Cornejo: Winemaking Facility Manager


The Cono Sur experience has been… Incredible, especially since I started at this company without clear expectations at 18 years old, without knowing how passionate the wine world was. It’s here where I learned about wine and came to love it so much that I’ve been at Cono Sur for 13 years now.

My job consists of… I manage the winemaking facility. Put simply, my job is to capture in the wine all that the winemakers want to get out of it. That is to say, to make sure the characteristics the winemakers want expressed in the wine are there. It’s my job to make sure the necessary characteristics are present in the final product.

The most fun part of my job is… working with so many diverse people, especially during harvest time when students studying winemaking and other concentrations come to work each year. Each winemaker also has his/her distinct and diverse personality but they all share a great passion for their jobs.

The best part of 2010 was… When I felt how appreciated I am by my direct bosses, who made it clear they wanted me to stay at Cono Sur.

My favorite moment of harvest time is… When we’re at the peak of the season and everyone is under a lot of pressure and working hard. At the end of a day like that, you feel satisfied that you did your job well.

Another moment I love is when we have the end of harvest party and we celebrate everything we achieved after another successful harvest. 

A Little more about me… My name is Elvis Patricio Cornejo Flores. I am the son of two parents who love each other and their children. I’m married to a wonderful woman named Angélica with whom I have two incredible children Tamara and Tomás. As if that weren’t enough, I love my job. In other words, I am a lucky and blessed man.