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Cono Sur Employees Awarded Certificate of Technical Competence

Cono Sur employees Awarded Certificate of Technical Competence

On June 8th, twenty-four Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery employees were awarded the Certificate of Technical Competence by the Chilean government together with the Wines of Chile organization.  The certificate gives employees access to better work opportunities in addition to optimizing their production and competence levels.

Cono Sur selected employees from the winery and vineyards to become certified in their specific work areas and specialized at their jobs. During the certification process each employee was interviewed and then observed at work by the Colegio de Ingenieros Agrónomos Enólogos together with Wines of Chile. After the review process, the organization issued a certificate to each employee accrediting their expertise.

At the ceremony Oscar Salazar, Cono Sur winery machine operator, spoke on behalf of the program participants and described the program as, “a very gratifying experience that fills us with pride and allows us to show our capabilities and how we do our jobs in various agricultural and winemaking areas.”

The main objective of the Certificate of Technical Competence Program is to recognize worker experience in a formal way. President of Wines of Chile René Araneda stated that “a commitment to workers is a permanent duty” and this is what Cono Sur aims to achieve through its participation in the program.   

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