Descorchados 2016: Silencio Determined Best Cabernet Sauvignon and Best Red Wine in Chile with Highest Score in History

21 October 2015

Cono Sur’s Silencio Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 was determined as the Best Cabernet Sauvignon and Best Red Wine in Chile in the distinguished guide Descorchados 2016. This year over 1,800 wines were tasted and Silencio earned 98 points, making it the wine with the highest score in the 17-year history of the guide.

Patricio Tapia, renowned specialized wine journalist stated, “Silencio is one of the Cabernets with the most character I have tasted in Chile and is a panoramic photograph of the Alto Maipo valley, with strong tannins yet at the same time elegant and balanced.”

This award acknowledges the quality of Cono Sur products and positions Silencio as a world class Ultra-Premium wine.


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