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Anonymous complaints

Viña Cono Sur has introduced to its web site a simple and efficient system that satisfies the organization’s need for an anonymous whistleblower hotline. Employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other parties, can now make anonymous and confidential accusations and complaints with respect to matters related to accounting and internal control of financial reports, among others. To do so, supply all the details of the alleged misdemeanour, including the location of witnesses and any other information that might be of use in the evaluation and final resolution of the situation.

Status of the complaint

*When writing the complaint delay time required and provide as many details as possible. Be careful not to provide details that may reveal your identity, unless you wish to do so. It may be important to know if you are the only person aware of this situation. By submitting the complaint through the Company’s website, it is ensured that this procedure is anonymous, making it impossible to trace email or email address or place where the complaint was made. The denunciations entered in this form, do not register any data that could compromise the anonymity of the author. Only the day after the complaint is filed, it will be received by the management of the company.