Cono Sur, Chilean Wine Producer of the Year in the IWSC

Founded in 1969, the IWSC is considered to be the most prestigious competition of its kind.


The awards given by the Competition are believed to be among some of the highest honours in the industry. Judging for the Competition is unique in that it has two stages; first, the products are tasted blind by expert panels, selected from over 400 fully experienced and qualified industry judges. Products which receive the top medals are then subject to technical analysis before results are released; this crucial stage ensures winners receive complete validation.

Cono Sur, crowned Chilean Wine Producer of the Year also in 2017 enjoys continued success, receiving 19 medals in this year?s edition, including Gold Outstanding for its 20 Barrels Cabernet Sauvignon 2015.

“We’re more than happy to receive this recognition, especially 2 years in a row. I definitely believe this result comes as a consequence of our team work. Winemaking and agricultural staffs working together to reach each variety’s maximum potential. Terroir selection, precise vineyard management, care of the environment, innovative thinking – core values in Cono Sur – have allowed us to showcase quality wines that Chile is able to deliver as a producing country.”– Matas Ros, Winemaking Director

“It’s outstanding to receive this recognition for 2 consecutive years and it comes to show the consistency of Cono Sur’s work in the different wine regions the company is in. Quality is one of Cono Sur’s core values, and it is something we seek deliver in every label we produce.” – Paul Konar, Managing Director