Our Wines


“The success of Cono Sur lies in understanding the origin of New World wines: expression of soil and climate melded with intense aromas of the fruit, yielding the elegance and concentration of full, fresh and well-balanced flavours.”

Adolfo Hurtado
Cono Sur’s Chief Winemaker
and General Manager


Ocio, Cono Sur’s icon wine and Chile’s first ultra-premium Pinot Noir.

20 Barrels Limited Edition

Coined after those 20 initial barrels, it’s a statement of quality.


Unique wines of exceptional quality in which each variety comes from a specific block of grape vines with singular characteristics.


A range of Premium wines in which each variety has its own personality and unique characteristics.


This wine carries the spirit of our workers, who pedal their way through our vineyards.

The bicycle symbolizes our spirit of innovation, passion, commitment and respect for the environment.


An accomplished expression of Cono Sur’s innovative style.

Cosecha Noble

A unique concept of sweet wine.