Management Policy

In each process, from products to services, Cono Sur is dedicated to always demanding high quality standards, and we strive to implement an integrated management system throughout the entire organization.

Our integrated management policy is based on commitments such as:

  • Work to be an efficient and cost effective company.
  • Manage the aspects that could lead to significant environmental impacts.
  • Identify health and security risks and establish operational controls.
  • Determine significant energy consumptions in order to establish more efficient methods.
  • Measure and manage our carbon footprint.
  • Prevent everyday pollution.
  • Comply with all applicable laws to environmental, labor, safety and health issues at work.
  • Meet customer expectations and improve their level of satisfaction.
  • Respect our Integrated Management Policy, our Code of Conduct, the Corporate Code of Ethics and all other codes we voluntarily adhere to.

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Management Policy

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