Cream Cheese and Teriyaki Sauce Balls over Grilled Pineapple



In a bowl, mix the cream cheese, finely chopped chives, salt and pepper, and let chill for 15 minutes. Then form them into balls, approximately 4 cm in diameter or 8 portions, and roll them in the crushed pistachios for a breading. Cut the pineapple in 3cm x 3cm cubes and brown them in a skillet with butter.

For the sauce, evaporate the sake´s alcohol in a small pot over medium heat, then add the palm syrup and soy sauce. The sauce should be slightly thick.

Place a cream cheese ball on top of each piece of pineapple and drizzle the teriyaki sauce over each ball or just use it as a base.


240 grams Cream Cheese
150 grams Crushed Pistachios
1 bundle Chives
240 grams Pineapple
80 grams Butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

For the Teriyaki Sauce
200 cc Soy Sauce
50 cc Palm Syrup
50 cc Sake

The Perfect Match

Reserva Especial Riesling

For this appetizer, the cream cheese´s richness combined with teriyaki sauce makes a perfect pairing for this Riesling´s soft fruity flavors and minerally complex palate.

No family trees, no dusty bottles, just quality wine


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