Marinated Oyster Duo and Smoked Salmon Blini



Marinated Oyster Duo

Detach all oysters from their shell. Then, in a medium bowl, mix the ginger, soy sauce and chopped cilantro with the juice of one key lime, and pour mixture into each shell. Cut the remaining key limes into segments (carefully excluding the rind and white parts) and set it aside.
After letting rest for 25 minutes, decorate the oysters with the key lime segments.

Smoked Salmon Bilini

In a bowl mix the flour with a pinch of salt and pepper. Add warmed milk and mix well. Set aside the egg white and add the yolk to the mixture. Mix just until a dough takes form and cover with plastic wrap, letting it rise in a warm area for one hour.
Whip the egg white and a pinch of salt until it´s white and fluffy. Add this to the blini dough and mix thoroughly while heating an iron or nonstick skillet.

To make the blinis, take a teaspoon of the mixture and slowly pour into a lightly greased skillet. Reduce the heat to ensure they cook all the way through and when they begin to bubble, flip to brown the other side. Repeat until all dough is used.

For the sour cream, mix the cream and natural yogurt with the grated lemon rind and chopped ginger.

For the presentation, put approximately 20 grams of smoked salmon on top of each blini, topping it off with sour cream and decorate with a mint leaf or lemon zest.


Marinated Oyster Duo (4 people)

8 Oysters
20 grams Ginger
100 cc Soy Sauce
10 grams Chopped Cilantro
3 Key Limes

Smoked Salmon Bilini

80 grams Self-Rising Flour
100 cc Milk
1 Egg
20 cc Mild Olive Oil
80 grams Smoked Salmon slices
50 cc Cream
5 grams Grated Lemon Rind
5 grams Ginger
20 cc Natural Yogurt

The Perfect Match
Bottle Rosé - Sparkling


Pairing the rosé with this dish balances out the saltiness of the fleshy oysters and salmon, leaving a fresh finish and the desire for more.

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