Panko-Fried Conger in Vanilla Oil



Mix the eggs, cilantro, mustard, salt and pepper in a bowl, set aside. Divide the filet into 8 portions of 75 grams each and dredge in flour, shaking off any excess and then dip each filet in the egg mixture. Next, coat each filet in panko crumbs and fry on medium heat in pan.
In the same pot, add milk and butter until they melt. Add salt to taste. Next, add the potatoes while they are still hot and process with a mini-primer. These mashed potatoes will achieve a more syrupy texture as you add more milk and process.

Once the fish filets are fried sprinkle each one with vanilla oil and add two filets per dish served on top of a bed of mashed potatoes, sprinkled with merkén. Decorate dish with cilantro.

Vanilla Oil preparation

200 cc. Vegetable Oil
2 Vanilla beans

Slice open each bean and scrape softly, adding scrapings to the vegetable oil. Heat oil with vanilla scrapings and bean in a pan on low heat (ideally, increase the temperature and then remove pan so the vanilla does not burn. Repeat 5 times) for 20 minutes. Remove from heat and store vanilla oil in airtight jar.

**Merkén is a Chilean spice made of smoked cacho de cabra chiles, toasted coriander seeds, cumin, and salt available in specialty stores. Substitute a smoked spice with a slight kick.


600 grams Conger (De-boned filet, center cut)
Flour (to dredge filet)
1 kg Panko Crumbs
20 grs fresh cilantro, diced
4 eggs
50 cc Dijon Mustard

Vanilla Oil

1 kg Potatoes
150 grs Butter
20 grs Merkén**
Salt and Pepper to taste
100 cc whole milk
Cilantro leaves with stems to decorate.

The Perfect Match
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The crispy, flavorful breading of this conger recipe pairs beautifully with the Sparkling Rosé´s fresh, fruity palate. The vanilla oil adds a special touch, a combination with a very pleasant finish.

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