Pasta Salad with Chillan Sausage, Manchego Cheese and More



Cook the rice pasta al dente while sautéing the sausage (sliced in round pieces) and half the cherry tomatoes.
After cooking the pasta, let sit in a bowl and chill. Then, add the warm sautéed sausage and cherry tomatoes with the fresh cherry tomatoes, Corinth raisins, coarsely chopped basil and the raspberry balsamic dressing. To finish, shred the manchego cheese and sprinkle on top of each portion.

For the dressing, mix the raspberry balsamic and olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste.


(4 people)

500 grams Rice Pasta, Spiral Colors
2 Chillan Sausages (Any quality sausage will work)
Fresh Basil
250 grams Manchego Cheese
200 grams Cherry Tomatoes
100 grams Corinth Raisins
150 cc Extra Virgin Olive Oil
100 cc Raspberry Balsamic

The Perfect Match
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