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Wine tourism and sustainability: learn about wine production

If you are a wine lover and want a unique experience, keep reading to find out more about the value of wine tourism and about the options that Cono Sur has for you.

Wine tourism: the secrets of the valley through wine

Wine tourism is a term that describes the wide variety of activities that allow the public to become familiar in a closer and special way with the production, history and tasting of wine. Since it appeared in Germany at the beginning of the 20th century, this form of tourism has grown enormously each year, becoming a unique way of seeing certain places.

For wine lovers, wine tourism is the best way to learn more about the details of their favorite varieties, find out about the production processes and discover the best kept secrets of a vineyard. In addition, it is a great way to delve into the history and traditions of a region, while at the same time coming to understand and respect the different methods and techniques that allow the production of your favorite wines.

In a country with such a rich and long tradition of red wine and white wine as Chile, wine tourism provides opportunities to relate to the environment and to explore spaces of great heritage and cultural value.

In the heart of Chimbarongo

Among the vineyards of the Fundo Santa Elisa in Chimbarongo, Viña Cono Sur keeps the history of a deep wine tradition. Its doors are open for you to walk through its corridors and learn more about our wine.

Visiting our estate you will be able to discover our organic vineyards, where the vines reach a natural balance with their surroundings to allow ways of producing wine that are more respectful with the environment, with our collaborators and with the entire community involved.

“Bicicleta Tour”

So that you can visit Viña Cono Sur and experience an unforgettable experience, we have designed the Bicycle tour. This tour invites you to walk the corridors of our house and the trails of our park, to learn and become part of our history.

The bicycle, which gives our emblematic tour its name, is the means of transportation that will take you for a walk through our vineyards, while you learn more about organic management, sustainability, and biodiversity.

Later, you will be able to visit the Ocio winery and discover all the details about the production of Premium Pinot Noir. Finally, the tour invites you to taste four of the most representative exponents of our main lines, so that you can experience each glass as you have never done before.

In this way, the tour is a gateway to marvel at the history of our vineyard, the secrets of our valley and to enchant you with sustainable practices that allow us to produce, enjoy and share a red wine or a white wine, without ever leaving respect for the environment aside.

Get to know Cono Sur Vineyard

Go to our webpage to book the “Bicicleta tour” and become part of an unforgettable opportunity to experience wine and interact with the environment. By visiting our vineyard, you will be able to visit our Wine Shop and come face to face with the perfect bottle for you.

Come and discover Cono Sur Vineyard and our most secret corners of our corridors, paths and vines, while you become part of the history of our wine.