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The oenologist work have a influence in every wine

Do you know how the role of the winemaker influences the wine that reaches your table? This agronomist specialized in winemaking has different roles and manages the factors with which we arrive at the result that you are going to taste. Here we highlight a few:

Vineyard planning
The winemaker knows what variety of grapes it is possible to harvest according to the geographical location of the vineyard, the climatic circumstances, the resources available, and the expected quality.

For example, making a Pinot Noir is one of the biggest challenges you can face. In this sense, when in Cono Sur we set out to produce the best Chilean Pinot Noir, we were advised by the renowned French winemaker Martin Prieur, who was key in selecting the best vineyards in Chile, the design and construction of the appropriate winery and other key points. that only an expert can define.

Together with the team, the winemaker defines the amount of production
The oenologist combines the circumstances of the vineyard, with environmental and economic factors, and the specific needs of a white or red wine and thus decides on the amount of production that the vineyard will consider for each variety depending on the season.

Innovation Process
The continuous improvement of processes in the wine sector makes a difference. Some are related to the elaboration of the product and others with the reduction of the impact on the environment, while maintaining or exceeding the quality. For example, at Viña Cono Sur we implement facilities and procedures to use renewable energy and reuse waste, coordinating the agricultural, oenology, and operations areas.

Wine making

The winemaker defines everything that will happen after the harvest. The maceration and fermentation of red wine and white wine must take place under strict conditions monitored by the oenologist, such as temperature. Analyze whether or not to add natural or selected yeasts and whether to use a barrel or a steel tank for storage. It also monitors the processes of aging and finishing wines. Only a highly trained professional can define the steps to follow for proper storage and finishing of the wine, before bottling.

Wine personality

The more unique and memorable a wine is on our palate, the more defined its personality. Only a winemaker knows the unique characteristics that the terrain, the climate and the grape print on the wine and how they determine what is obtained at the moment the bottle is uncorked. The knowledge, experience and passion of the oenologists are of enormous value in any red, white or any other type of wine. And it is essential to have professionals who know how to achieve the desired quality, starting from the work in the field and ending with the product that reaches your table. That is why at Viña Cono Sur we have a team of outstanding winemakers who, according to their specialty, are in charge of each stage of the process to fulfill our mission, which is to produce innovative, expressive and premium wines through technological and sustainable innovations.