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Chilean Pinot Noir: a world-class red wine

According to the National Viticultural Cadastre of 2017, the area of vines for vinification reached that year 135.907.75 hectares, and the Pinot Noir grape stands out among the 12 most planted varieties with 4,041.4 hectares. Chilean Pinot Noir is increasingly recognized globally. For instance, Bicicleta Pinot Noir – from Cono Sur – has become the best selling wine in the United Kingdom. In addition, the magazine Drinks International chose the winery as one of the most valued wine brand in the world.


What characteristics make Chilean Pinot Noir so highly valued?

This strain has its origins in French Burgundy, a place that is characterized by its cool climate, highly mineralized soils and good permeability, rich in limestone and marine fossils. Characteristics that we can also find in Chile. In the best conditions this grape offers us very harmonious, velvety wines, with a fascinating aroma of red fruits and a moderate concentration of tannins.

According to experts, the high quality of Chilean Pinot Noir is due, in part, to “Chile’s natural geographic barriers, which include the northern Atacama Desert, the Andes Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, help maintain healthy conditions, protecting the vineyards against pests and diseases.”

Currently, we know that the best Chilean Pinot Noir vines are those grown in the Valleys of San Antonio and Casablanca, perhaps because of the quality of their soils and their cool climate (suitable for the ideal growth of the grape), being able to generate both varietal wines -but of great quality- as well as premium wines, highly valued worldwide.

Pinot Noir varietal and premium

In addition to the variety of grapes and climate, the quality of the wine can be determined -to a large extent- by the soil, the cultivation methods and factors such as the processes of maceration, fermentation, extraction techniques and aging, among others.

A lightly clayey sandy soil, moderate temperatures and a manual harvest at a specific time of the year make the perfect condition to produce – under careful vinification processes – a Pinot Noir of excellent color, texture, complexity and delicate fruity aromas, with a perfect balance between concentration of tannins and acidity. In short, a premium wine.

Of course, a premium wine also stands out for the aging period: the longer it stays in barrels, the higher its quality can be. The varietal wines, on the other hand, stay less time in contact with oak. However, when product of high quality vines, cultivated in the appropriate conditions, it also delivers great juice.

Finally, it is worth saying that we can enjoy the Pinot Noir at about 14 ° C, as for as the pairings go, this is a very versatile wine, thanks to its high acidity and low concentration of tannins, combining very well with duck, chicken, mushrooms and soft cheeses. So, where to get a good bottle of this variety that is so desired worldwide? Cono Sur is one of the most important Pinot Noir producers in Chile. It was born around the oldest vines in the country – planted in 1968 in Chimbarongo – which certainly contrinutes to its affinity with this grape.