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Bicicleta Pinot Noir: a varietal that you have to try

When we talk about New World wines we refer to those from the United States, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. A common denominator in all of them is that the vines are located in bioclimatic regions suitable for the cultivation of certain strains, such as the Pinot Noir grape, which is among the 12 most planted varieties in Chile, according to the Cadastre National Viticulture of 2017.

The national wine industry is at an excellent time. In fact, the British magazine Drinks International -in its annual ranking- ranked Viña Cono Sur 11th in the top 50 Most Admired Wine Brands, competing with major references in the industry, such as Torres, Penfolds and Villa María.

In addition, it is worth noting that Bicicleta was positioned as the best-selling Pinot Noir in the UK.

Pinot Noir bicycle: the keys to a unique flavor

The Bicicleta wine was born in 2012 as a tribute to the estate workers, who travel daily through the vineyards in their bikes, as part of the eco-friendly and sustainability policies implemented by Cono Sur since its foundation in 1993.

Pinot Noir, in general, is a red wine with a light body. Valued for its aromas of red fruits, flowers and spices. In the specific case of the Bicicleta Pinot Noir, it is a wine dressed with a lively ruby red color. The fruity notes in its aroma correspond to cherry, raspberry, plum and strawberry. A real and delicious red fruit “cocktail”, underlined by the subtle presence of oak.

In mouth you’ll notice the sweet fruits and fine tannins that give great texture to this wine. The balance between the its acidity, alcohol and sugar result in a perfect structure. Undoubtedly, a fresh and charismatic red, ideal for palates that seek a good wine.

Now, what is the secret to the success of this wine? The way to cultivate the vines is part of it: the vines that give life to this Pinot Noir – besides being sustainable – enjoy abundant sunlight, hot days, cold nights and irrigation water from the snowmelt.

Are you wondering how to pair this wine? Well, Bicicleta Pinot Noir is an excellent choice for delicate flavors, such as white meats, mushrooms, fish and soft cheeses. We do not recommend it to accompany spicy dishes. In addition, it is worth adding that it is a wine for immediate consumption, which should be enjoyed -preferably- at a temperature of 14 ° C.

In the Bicicleta range, you can also find the Bicicleta Pinot Noir Rosé, from the Bío Bío Valley. A bright pink with fine bluish hues, it is elegant and has delicate cherry aromas. Very soft, refreshing and very expressive.

So now you know: when it comes to enjoying delicate flavors – or simply to accompany a good conversation – Bicicleta Pinot Noir stands out as an excellent alternative, especially for those who like a red with fruity notes and a light body.