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November 24th: Carmenere Day

For many, Carmenere is the preferred wine for its flavor and texture, a variety that is steeped in history and that, for years, was believed to be extinct. Today we will tell you about the world day of this variety, and the most relevant aspects after this highly relevant date for red wine lovers.

Of the various varieties of red wine present in the country, there is one that is iconic: the Carmenere. We are talking about a strain that gave a new life to the national wine industry, becoming one of the country’s flagship reds. Why? Let’s review a little history.

Originally from France, the Carmenere strain disappeared in Europe in 1690 due to a vine parasite called phylloxera. However, more than 130 years later it was discovered in our country by the French ampelographer Jean Michel Boursiquot, who visited this side of the world in 1994 and, to his surprise, discovered that it was not extinct.

This, after reviewing the strain in detail and recognizing its characteristic red-orange pigmentation when it is in flower. Thus, what for years was thought to be Merlot was actually the iconic Carmenere, which arrived in the country in the mid-19th century, when vines of Spanish origin were replaced by those of French origin.

And why is November 24 Carmenere Day?

Today, this variety is emblematic of our country, and its characteristics have been shaped by the climatic conditions and the unique soils of Chile, giving life to one of the most coveted red wines locally and worldwide.

As a way of remembering this important discovery, the national wine industry determined that -since 2014- November 24 would be World Carmenere Day, a variety grown almost exclusively in Chile. In fact, it is estimated that our country concentrates 95% of the plantations of this vine worldwide.

An interesting curiosity is that November 24 is not only World Carmenere Day, but it is also World Argentine Wine Day, which gives a special nuance to a date of great importance for the world wine industry.

Carmenere: Chile’s flagship wine

Currently, there are more than 10,000 hectares of Carmenere planted in the country, making it almost impossible to find in its country of origin (France). For this reason, it is considered one of the main varieties of wines, and its characteristics account for this: fruity aromas that oscillate between blackberries and blueberries -although notes of coffee and chocolate are also perceived-, with a medium and quite silky body. .

Due to this, it is one of the varieties of red wine that best pairs with roast meats, cheeses, sausages, pastas and seasoned preparations, highlighting the intense flavors with a great finish on the palate.

We are talking about a medium-bodied wine, which presents spicy notes and an extremely pleasant texture on the palate, which makes it one of the preferred reds locally and worldwide.

Now that you know more about one of the main varieties of wines and its characteristics -along with everything that hides a key date for wine lovers-, we invite you to live the experience of enjoying a Special Reserve Carmenere, one of the menu stars of Viña Cono Sur.